I believe that each person has intrinsic value as a human being. Therefore every story told has meaning to me. Even behaviour that is unwanted and poorly understood often has an underlying reason deserving of respect. As part of that respect, I commit myself to engage in conversation with you, even if the topics are difficult.


Often people who come for counselling feel as if they are the only ones suffering from their "problem", that they are more "messed up" than other people, and that they will never feel better. I believe that by coming alongside another person and helping them work through intimidating problems, using the latest techniques in counselling, a hopeful outcome may be achieved. 

A very high value is placed on confidentiality. You can be very confident that you are able to discuss anything knowing that it will not be discussed elsewhere. The narrow exceptions to confidentiality are when you become a danger to yourself or others.


Attending counselling is a courageous action. A client allows him/herself to be vulnerable in a way that is rarely required elsewhere. I will work together with you as you take risks in discussing difficult issues to help you feel "safe."